Masters of Nature?

When Humans want to be the Masters of Nature, as Humans Slash & Burn the Forest or Woods, they themselves are suffering from the effects of the Smoke ( Haze ) at dangerous & hazardous levels. Now they wish to rectify the problem by Cloud Seeding to put out the fires from their Slash & Burn method. The rain water from the Cloud Seeding method will also Hazardous to them, a momentary relief from the Smoke but could lead to a lifetime of health problems from the Rain Water. Please let Nature take it's course, Humans are to be the Antibodies of the Earth, instead we are turning into it's virus.



Misguided to seek refuge in the Dark,
Misguided to take a teacher as a torch in this current lifespan.
We are all Misguided, that our prayers are similar yet different, to a minuscule level.
Misguided to live on a land ruled by people of different faiths.
We are Misguided to live in a lifetime of no Caliph.
Misguided to travel on mechanical abominations.
Misguided to believe in your own view, pass judgement to others who've tried to find guidance. Misguided to find truth, We are Misguided people, Misguided we are. 
Our faith wavered, shook & slip through our grasp, as someone place us in the Misguided list.


Panoplanets of 2012

Human beings have come to understand that the Earth was not created in the shape of a coin, but rather, as a spherical mass. This Panoplanet series provides panoramic views of places, distorted to give a three-dimensional sense to a two-dimensional medium.

These locations represent places of congregation - known for their roles in cultivating a specific form of interest and establishing dynamic grounds for interaction and integration.

Places bring about a special meaning to us; for the memories that they produce and the experiences that they create - mostly in the form of visuals and narratives, triggered by our senses. When a space and a person come together, a certain form of exchange is made. However, more often than we realise, this exchange is also influenced by other elements that exist around the space and time.

What happens then, when the place we thought we knew is actually not what it seems?

* All photographs are copyright of www.jyn13th.com. *