Remeber our Promises

So many things have happened, so many have lost. Loved ones, friends & family, gone, unable to repair the past, the errors that we made. How are we to continue our existence without knowing, if we had made peace with them. Broken hearts, shattered promises, mountains of lies. How do we truly repent, forgive or forget? We are attached to all that is here with us & was with us. Mistakes were made, but are we truly forgiven? Each day we awake to greet the dawn or dusk, only our bodies are awake, our souls may never be. Till we truly forgive, then our souls are free. Remember what others have done for us, forget what they did to us. We are only humans, we are forever lost, never knowing what lies ahead. Death, it is certain to us all, do we fear it or accept it. We choose the path we walk on, we make our own future, we will create our own future. Remember your promises, even to those who have lied to you. Remember our promises, remember our promises.

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