Hmmmmm..... been doing a lot of thinking lately, mostly about the future. My future, I know that it is impossible to predict, but I have been thinking on plans, choices & consequences.
One: my plans of domination, world conquest don't get me wrong, I don't want to rule the world. Domination in the of my work, I would like to master it, the question is how? I know that I will have to work hard, be resilient(not sure the spelling is correct), but have you ever thought of the planning? to be hard working or resilient, it is not that when you wake up, you are suddenly hard working right?
Two: My Choices, there seems to be a lot of choices for me, but each choice is different, in a sense that each has it's own path, but all are not to my liking, which comes to another choice, to pick something that is not to my liking and make it to my liking or find more choices. Fate plays a part in all of this, yet we make our own destinies.
Three: Consequences of my actions, I left a workplace due to some differences, I left it without telling them. Now I am unemployed & broke. I was pursuing love, but it can never happen, yet when I was not pursuing love there was an opportunity for it but I backed out of it. it is funny to me, how I ramble on & on yet I am unsure whether anyone is even reading this. But My blog is not really for people to come by & read, but to see & comment. Yet there has not been much of comments lately...... I guess my works are not good enough to be commented on...
Who will share a burden? friends?? they are only there to make you smile & not lift a burden. Lover??? they are only there to love. Family?? they are there to be with you, but to lift a burden, it is only by our own strength. We can only ask for help, it is up to them to lend a hand.

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