Single?? Anyone Interested??

Greetings to all, (if there is anyone at all)

As the title suggests, I'm Single, and it has been quite a long, long, long (emphasis on the time I have been single) time. Been keeping a low profile for these past years, haven't really put much effort into trying to find a suitable partner, guess somewhere in this twisted mind that I still can't find the light in others, hahaha, but that's just me. But I'm not that much of good thing to have a relationship with anyway. I'm not hilarious if come to think about it, not much of a romantic (except when I feel like it). I can't really say about the other stuffs, I'm just me. I don't want to be single all my life, it would be great to have some company, that understands this twisted mind, someone to converse with, for now all I got is My ibook & Guitar, one to converse graphically, the other to converse musically. It seems like most of the people I've known have forgotten me, or I'm less important, I know where I stand (4th in somebody's list), so to all, a good morrow, If you're interested give me a holla!! hahaha

This is one of the ridiculous postings I've written, no wonder I'd rather post artworks. Hahahaha See you all when I see you!!

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