Another Ramadhan

Peace Upon You All!!
It's Ramadhan, the fasting month.
I should say that I am not well prepared, the challenges, tests, past memories ( those I could remember, due to my memory problems).
I am trying my very best to fight the urge, the urge to do something I will regret, but if I don't take the risk, it wouldn't be me.
I would like to take this opportunity, to ask forgiveness, from everyone, those that I have hurt, made use of, lied to, & I would gladly take it all away or mend it.
I don't deserve to see another rising of the sun nor the shine of the moon, for my sins.
I know that my sins will never be forgiven nor forgotten, but I am cursed, my memories are lost & I couldn't recall what I have done to or with someone.
I don't deserve another day of this fasting month, in all it's glory. I only stain it with my being, though I hope this month will wash away my sins, but what good will it do if I can't remember most of it.
I am truly sorry oh Ramadhan, for I am not worthy for the blessings you bring forth for these 30 days, I am unworthy of you.

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