Why do we hang on to & hope for an outcome that seems to not be in their favor? Awaiting for a decision, with patience growing thin, should we stay strong, hold on & hope that the outcome will be in their favor? Have we sacrificed too much? We require the answers to the questions:-
Is it worth it? What'll be the choice? Are we oblivious to what is truly happening? What is asked o us?
To others, it is a simple problem to be solved, to choose those who have not betrayed you, but it is never so. Why have we allowed ourselves to be in this predicament?
Are we about to feel pain that we have felt before? Will we turn to our dark past for comfort?
Love compels us to do things we never thought of, to go to places where we never thought of reaching, is Love truly the driving force?
We wish not too lose that which we hold dear, but those we hold dear may stray away & we are powerless to stop. If only things are as clear as crystals, where everything is easy & straight forward.

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