Before it happens.

Hi all,
It has been a while since I blogged, I have been busy with my website, requests for Portraits, Design Solutions & etc.
Manage to enjoy my self during the weekend to go Go-karting!! Will upload the photos soon.

Now taking a step in to what have been a dream of mine for so long, to have my own Gallery, All thanks to Sarasta for co-ordinating mostly everything, while I concentrated on the Artworks, the Gallery will be up soon, just a mini gallery Selling my Artworks.

The Artworks that will be sold there is simply Modern Muslim Art, it is the NOW, before Islamic Art was seen as the past & just a point of refference. My Modern Muslim Art is influenced by the Knowledge that I have gained from My Madrasah days, the Arabic language which is important to understand the Religion itself & the Funky & Ever Changing Experiences that I've had, the messages within the Artworks are not limited to A religion, it is common to all life. These Artworks are not "Religious", it is simply Art!!

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