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Hi All,
I have been busy lately, with a change in a new work environment, but currently working on a website for a religious school, it will be launched before the end of this year.

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Brate said...

I am a physicist practicing from about 7 years. I was also unaware of such a fruitful resource that can be taken care of. Then I came across a similar blog regarding the website for physicians. I consulted a web designing and marketing company named medicalwebexperts.com . They designed my website embellished with a large amount of functionalities which include, learning materials, tests and scans descriptions, information regarding what all we do, blogs where patients can comment on the articles, provide suggestions. And the most important function that was unparallel with every other function was e-Medical Records. They provided the functions to store the details of the test and scans conducted on the patient, hence providing them 24/7 access to the medical details to the patients. And after my website was host and marketed, I am able to feel the outcomes on my income. My patient count is definitely increasing (though not as fast), but quite distinguishing. I would recommend other physicians to create some site and have an access to a new horizon of opportunities.