Mobile Photography

Bijan ( Portrait Mobile Photography )Little BullA Malay ConversationHe still wants to sleep on my Bed... Where am I supposed to sleep?Hohner Puck - one of the smallest HarmonicaA random Sketch because I was awoken from my sleep
DimashqMai sleeps using a Pillow...In the key of GDear instagram...iBeatsThe Sentinel
At the end of the RainbowBurberrysMusic Video Recording - Piano SetMai left a scar on my hand...EthnofonikTickets to Foo Fighters
"Mengarungi Lautan Ilmu" by Samsul ArifinChicken Nuggets with CheeseSemput the CatCheese Chicken Rice Oi!!Vocal Coaching?Lighting for Music Video

Mobile Photography, a set on Flickr.

Here's a Collection of my Mobile Photography

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